Sunday, May 10, 2015

I'm . . . . Fine?

"I'm fine" is something that I hear almost everyday. And I hate it. To a person that suffers with depression it doesn't mean what everyone else thinks it does. To me, and other people, it is a to get people to stop asking if we are okay. It's a way to tell people that we are dying inside without telling anyone we are. It's not just a response that is 'okay'.

"I'm fine 
F:alling apart 
N:ot good enough, ever 
E:mpty inside"
      ~ A.H. 

Fine is not a word to use to answer, it is a word that is used to avoid. When someone says that they are fine, look them in the eye and ask if they are really okay. Most of the time they will say that they are okay, but some of the time they will break down and need you to hold them. Don't think that everyone is okay just because they say that they are okay. They can be dying inside. And if they don't tell you that they aren't okay, maybe they are one of the lucky few and actually are okay. 

If you look up "I'm fine depression" you would be surprised by how many pictures that there are. Or maybe you know already how messed up the world is and you aren't even surprised in the slightest. Just keep in mind that they next time that you say those two words that maybe you aren't just fine, and that maybe you do need help. 

Picture from Picture Quotes 
Saying "I'm fine" over and over again doesn't make it true. I know that feeling that if you say it over and over again you will trick your mind into thinking that you are okay, even though you know fully well that you aren't okay or fine or whatever you are trying to trick yourself into thinking. Sometimes you just have to I've adamant that you are not okay, and that is okay. Take a day for yourself. Read, watch your favorite show, drink your favorite drink, cuddle with something, go for a walk, do
something for yourself, because you deserve it. I know that those things may not help everyone, but you do deserve a day to yourself to treat your self right, even if it is just for a few hours. 

Well now that you know "I'm fine" doesn't mean I'm fine, are you going to keep saying it, or are you going to help people who say it? 

p.s. I love you and you are a gift to this world and anyone who doesn't see that is not worth your time. 

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